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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Founder of Our Foreign Policy Was Pro-Life

It's no surprise the Founding Fathers were pro-life--abortion violated Common Law:
The whole people of any given territory consists of all the human beings abiding upon it, men, women, and children, born or in the womb, natives or foreigners, bond or free; but the word people itself, presupposes association...In all the stages of human society, the marriage contract confines the woman exclusively to one man but it is believed that Christianity alone, of all human institutions, confines the man exclusively to one woman. This is one of the most excellent purifications of the law of nature, by the precepts of Christianity--entirely and exclusively favorable to the female sex, and of itself affording in the social compact an ample equivalent for the perogative which necessarily devolves upon the man of contracting for her as well as for himself, and for himself, and for their children under the age of ability to provide for themselves. [bold face mine]

--John Q. Adams, 6th President of the U.S.A, Author of the Monroe Doctrine. A Lecture DELIVERED BEFORE THE FRANKLIN Lyceum AT PROVIDENCE, Ro 10, NOVEMBER 25, 1842.

In this lecture, Adams is talking about American marriage laws and how they are based on Scripture. Moreover, above, Adams equates the law of nature with Christianity, proving my theory the framers used the law of nature interchangeably referrring to reason and revelation. It is indisputable, the Law of Nature contains the Scriptures.

"The covenants of the social compact must then, by the laws of nature, be made by a portion of the people for the whole--by that portion of the people capable of contracting for the whole --and as the compact is formed by a voluntary not only the capacity but the will to contract, must concur to form the whole people who covenant with each citizen..And in the formation of any social compact by the People, we may assume it as a first principle that the individuals covenanting for the whole can never amount tomore than one in five of the whole. 'I'hese remarks may assist us in the solution of certain questions, which have recently been and are mnch controverted, not only within this Commonwealth, but throughout tha Union, and indeed it may be said, throughout the civilized world..There is a law of nature, or in more proper words, a law of God, the author of nature, subjected to which the human being comes into life, and from the power of which he can be released only by death. By this law of God, the human being comes into life, the child of two parents, ruale and female, both of one species, but of different constitutions, adapted to each other for union, but subject to different modifications of the law of nature."

Here, Adams claims, as I have for years, Republican government, civil rights and the foundation of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution was explained by the Reformers--derived from the Scriptures:

"The philosophical examination of the foundations of civil society, of human governments, and of the rights and duties of men, is among the consequences of the Protestant Reformation..The principles of Sidney and of Locke, constitute the foundation of the North American Declaration of Independence, and together with the subsequent writings of Montesquieu and Rousseau, that of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and of the Constitntion of the United States.

Adams believed in Original Sin:

"The work, not of eternal justice ruling through the people, but of man,--frail, fallen,imperfect man, following the dictates of his nature and aspiring to perfection."

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