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Monday, June 20, 2011

Wisconsin is getting it right

Like I have previously said on this blog, I believe Wisconsin will vote red in the next election for the first time in recent memory. It is conservative policies in Wisconsin winning over the populace, highlighted in a post by Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel's Patrick McIlheran:
So the state's deficit is fixed, its finances are honest for the first time in about a decade, public services are trimmed but not decimated and no taxpayers were skinned to make it happen. All in all, it's been a good week for Wisconsin, especially its hard-pressed, middle-class taxpayers..They're winning. Scott Walker, Democrats told us all last fall, was a budget-cutting, union-busting, smaller-is-better (eww!) conservative. Voters responded by electing him - and, to boot, not merely Republican but conservative Republican majorities in the Legislature..When Walker broke the usual low taxes vs. good services impasse by cutting the price we pay for public-sector labor, unions turned the Supreme Court race into a de facto referendum. They spent every milliwatt of power they had - and lost. We'll see if they do better in upcoming recalls (my bet is they don't take the state Senate), but on a clean pair of votes about the state's direction, voters picked conservatism.
Liberals tried to use the courts to stifle democracy--as they usually do--violating the will of the framers, but it didn't work. The State Supreme Court ruled against them. Furthermore, mainstream citizens take note of intolerant leftists immersed in the Democrat Party:
True to this, they've not just protested Walker's reforms. They've occupied the Capitol, they've shouted "fascist" from the gallery, they've shut down public schools to protest, they've harassed Walker's kids, they've f-bombed a 14-year-old girl giving a speech. Not all progressives do this, nor even most. Many creditably deplore it. But such excess is not the antonym of their favorite metaphor for politics but its overextension..So conservatism is in a good position in Wisconsin. It's been solidified by a growing infrastructure, from an unusually vibrant talk radio scene to a plethora of free-market think tanks and watchdogs. It's grounded mainly in the reality that, while progressives historically have seen the state as their natural property, conservatism's offer of restrained, sustainably priced government is now more in tune with much of the state's middle.
With Iowa in the same boat as Wisconsin, could Minnesota be next?

Sarah Palin may not be the brightest, but Obama is worse.

The President, who isn't eligible to be President, has many more gaffes than Sarah Palin.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Right Wing Watch Claims Barton is Wrong About Darwinism, And The Revolution

Right Wing Watch wrote another piece on David Barton with some videos from June 6:
Pseudo-historian David Barton visited the Christian television program Celebration on the Daystar Television Network with host Jodi Lamb on Monday to discuss his right-wing, pro-GOP view of American history. Barton, who says that the Founding Fathers like Ben Franklin opposed Net Neutrality, claims he also knows the views of the Founding Fathers in the debate over whether schools should teach Creationism alongside evolution in public schools. Naturally, Barton says that the Founding Fathers “already had the entire debate on creation and evolution,” and sided with Creationism. Of course, Charles Darwin wrote On The Origin of Species in 1859 andThe Descent of Man in 1871

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Robert Reich: Why the Republican War on Workers' Rights Undermines the American Economy

Robert Reich--who I believe was in Clinton's cabinet--has missed the boat in the quarrel against Unions. First, he equates Unions with Government Employee Unions--they are two different things. Next, Reich claims:
The American economy can't get out of neutral until American workers have more money in their pockets to buy what they produce. And unions are the best way to give them the bargaining power to get better pay.
Unions per se, are not the problem. Jobs are the problem, and Unions do not create jobs. Unions have higher pay than non-union workers. If anyone should be protesting it is non-union workers. However, Discerning Citizen presents one of the problems with Unions:
The conflicts of interest between unions giving campaign contributions to leftist politicians who in turn negotiate contracts are far too obvious.
It is their advocacy--by spending tax dollars--for pro-abortion and homosexual causes that should mandate the elimination of Unions immediately.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Obama appointee says Koran and Islam influenced Jefferson, Founding Fathers

Prayer and Action posted an article of an Obama appointee on video claiming Islam influenced Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers:
Were the freedoms outlined in the U.S. Constitution influenced by the Quran? Professor Azizah Y. al-Hibri, President of Karamah: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights, Islamic scholar and law professor at the University of Richmond, discusses the influences of the Quran and early Muslim history on Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers. Listen as Dr. al-Hibri explains the implications of the Quran on U.S. Constitutional principles from freedom of religion to the separation of church and state.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Egyptian Terrorist Leader is friend of Obama?

Alana Goodman's Commentary is so apropo. On what basis would a terrorist call an American President their friend? Just as alarming, these terrorists would vote Democrat if freedom did not contradict Islam.
Mr. Ibrahim said, however, that he had no ill will toward the United States or President Obama. He said that he was urging Mr. Obama to release Abdel Rahman from prison so he can return to Egypt. “I am giving advice to our friend Obama, release the blind sheik for your own benefit. No, this is not a threat, it’s advice from one friend to another friend. This will save America’s reputation from the cynicism of George W. Bush,” he said.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Left Wing Bias From Media

Yahoo writes, "Poll finds Obama and Romney in a dead heat amid voter anxiety over the economy." This left leaning organization writes it's a dead heat with all Americans. This is mis-leading as all Americans do not vote--only registered Americans vote. And Romney is ahead of Obama in the poll that matters--registered voters. How all americans would vote is meaningless to the election.

The liberal bias is infested in Hollywood and on regular television, such as the show Jeopardy. Last night one of the categories was cities of Jesus. One of the answers was the "trick Jesus performed at Cana." Not miracle, as the Bible states, but trick. Another answer was "where Jesus cursed a tree." Trying to make Jesus look bad by cursing a tree, rather than understand the Spiritual analogy He was making, and the fact planters uproot trees that do not bear fruit in season.

Yesterday on Yahoo there was a post titled "GOP Healthcare plan will hurt Seniors" Could you see Yahoo writing "Democrat healthcare plan will hurt seniors"? Or what about every night the evening news hammered George Bush about the war? Now, you never hear about it. And Obama's attacks on civilians with drones, yet the big three never talk about it.

It's deceptive advertising the media uses to promote the liberal agenda. The media promotes this agenda everyday on the evening news. Last night it was "Weinergate" but they made sure Republican indiscretions were emphasized before getting into the scandal.