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Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Evidence of George Washington's Orthodoxy

More evidence supporting Washington's orthodoxy comes from his friend and speechwriter James Madison. Not to say JM was GW's closest friend, but, they served in government together at the exact same time. JM was in congress the entire term of GW's presidency; 1789-1796. Madison writes in Paul Leicester Ford's book, GW did "not form definite opinions on it [Christianity], but he took these things as he found them existing, and was constant in his observances of worship according to the received forms of the Episcopal Church, in which he was brought up."

This is quite interesting as JM had to have known GW skipped out of Communion in the Episcopal Church for years. Obviously JM understood GW to believe in what the sacrament represents even though he would not take part in Communion.
Many of the testimonies of GW taking communion come from Episcopalians; Jonathan Mitchell Sewall, Alexander Hamilton's wife, and GW's adopted daughter Nelly Custis-Lewis. After the revolution, GW shied away from communion in the Episcopal Church. The evidence supporting GW taking communion is at least 80-20, probably 90-10 in favor.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Obama's War on Women

Here is some evidence of Obama's war on Christianity and women:
President Obama would have us believe that there is some kind of war on women, just in time for his re-election effort. But he is the one who made sure that China's monstrous population effort would be fully supported by the U.N. Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA). Two days after assuming power, President Obama revoked the Reagan-era Mexico City Policy of the previous administration. He forces us to fund international Planned Barrenhood.

That means that the worldwide war on baby girls will go forward, with U.S. taxpayers footing part of the bill. President Obama says that attempts to cut off taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood are part of a campaign against women.

Hundreds of millions of baby girls have been killed. Demographer Nick Eberstadt has carefully documented this "gendercide." This world-wide "war against baby girls" is a major result of Planned Parenthood's population control ideology and its aggressive marketing of abortion-on-demand.

While Dr. Eberstadt demonstrates that this war on baby girls is having disastrous consequences now, it can have even more terrible implications in the future. We are looking at the collapse of whole nations.

Nor is this war on women limited to China, India, and third-world countries. Britain's respected daily Telegraph has reported on abortionists working for the United Kingdom's national health service. The Telegraph captured on tape evidence of these abortionists agreeing to kill unborn children because they tested female.

So next time you hear a liberal or a reporter going on about a "war on women," make sure to ask if this commentator favors legal protection of unborn baby girls. If he or she does, then we can take the rest of his or her comments seriously. If such people say that that's a matter of "choice," remind them that millions of unborn baby girls never got to choose life.

Dividing the country by race, religion, and sex may be good campaign politics, but it's terrible social policy. If we really want to be a kinder, gentler country, one where civility is respected, then let's start by protecting women in the womb.
Obama spends our tax dollars on promoting homosexuality and abortion. And he calls himself a Christian.

Throckmorton Contradicts Himself

I found a contradiction among Warren Throckmorton's posts over at his blog. The below post contradicts most of his other posts and one which I responded to about his claim for modern separation of church and state. He claimed Jefferson did not subvert separation doctrine by meddling with religious affairs of the Indians, but he does here:
I presume the views of the society are confined to our own country, for with the religion of other countries, my own forbids intermedling. I had not supposed there was a family in this state not possessing a bible and without having the means to procure one. when, in earlier life I was intimate with every class, I think I never was in a house where that was the case. however, circumstances may have changed, and the society I presume have evidence of the fact. I therefore inclose you chearfully an order on Messrs Gibson and Jefferson for 50.D.
--TJ to Samuel Greenhow, January 31, 1814