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Monday, July 16, 2012

Alexander Hamilton wrote John Jay that Thomas Jefferson was an Atheist!

The below quote refutes the notion the public was unaware of Thomas Jefferson's religious beliefs during his mid-life by May, 1799.

The moral certainty, therefore is that there will be an Anti-Federal Majority in the ensuing legislature. and the very high probability is that this will bring Jefferson into the Chief Magistracy, unless it be prevented by the measure which I shall now submit to your consideration, namely the immediate calling together of the existing legislature. They ought not to hinder the taking of a legal and Constitutional step, to prevent an atheist in Religion and a fanatic in politics from getting possession of the helm of the State. [bold face mine]

--Hamilton to Jay, May 7, 1799


Tom Van Dyke said...

People suspected, but Jefferson wasn't on public record with his doubts about the Trinity. [As you know he wasn't really an atheist.]

The Gazette of the United States, the Federalist Pravda, on the election of 1800:

“GOD—AND A RELIGIOUS PRESIDENT [John Adams]; or impiously declare for JEFFERSON—AND NO GOD!!!”

And as you know, John Adams didn't believe in the Trinity either! [And like Jefferson, kept it secret while in public life.]

As for Hamilton, as Jefferson's rival, he would never miss an opportunity to do Jefferson dirt.

As for the Jefferson campaign, he had people out there denying his atheism, like Tunis Wortman.

Our Founding Truth said...

Jefferson wasn't on public record rejecting Biblical Christianity in May, 1799--one year and a half before the election of 1800--yet the High-Federalists, North and South, knew the truth. You can add anti-federalists, Patrick Henry to the mix as well.

History is so fascinating. If Edward Rutledge hadn't died, Thomas Jefferson wouldn't have been President, which could have opened the Door for John Jay to be elected in 1804.