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Thursday, July 12, 2012

English Jurist Sir Matthew Hale 1609-1676

Hale commenting on Christianity and its foundation in the Common and Canon Law.
Again, the growth of Christianity in this kingdom, and the reception of learned men from other parts, especially from Rome, and the credit that they obtained here, might reasonably introduce some new laws; and antiquate or abrogate some old ones, that seem less consistent with the Christian doctrines. And by this means were introduced not only some of the judicial laws of the Jews, but also some points relating to, or bordering upon, or derived from the canon or civil laws; as may be seen in those laws of the ancient kings, Ina, Alfred, Canutus, &c. collected by Mr. Lambard (k)" Volume 2 of 2.
"Among the Grecians (At least among the Athenians-see Blac. Com. 2 v. 213 and Por. Archae. Graeca, l. 4. c. 15.), the laws of descent resemble those of the Jews, and in some things they differed." Vol. 2, p. 78
--CHAP. III, Concerning the Common Law of England, its Use and Excellence, and the Reason of its Denomination; CHAP. IV. Touching the Original of the Common Law of England; CHAP. V. How the Common Law of England Stood at and for Some Time after the Coming of King William I.

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