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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"The Unions are Big Money"

I would urge everyone to check out this website:
The unions are big money. Five of the top ten contributors to congressional and presidential campaigns since 1989 are labor unions according to the Center for Responsive Politics. In the last election, 10 of the top 20 PACs were union PACs.

More importantly, it's not as if Big Labor is balancing out the rest of "big money." Does Krugman know that all of the top ten industries contributing to the 2010 elections gave more money to Democrats than to Republicans? That's right: Lawyers, Health Professionals, Securities & Investment, Real Estate, Insurance, Lobbyists, Pharma, Government Unions, Entertainment, and Electric Utilities all favored Democrats in 2010.
I never understood the Unions, not the Corporations give the most money--and they give to the Democratic Party.


Our Founding Truth said...

Collective bargaining is not a right anyway. They are political advocates, which makes them worse. If they weren't so political fine, but that isn't the way they work. Union benefits and wages are grossly overpaid, and their benefits have bankrupted States. For the website:

"Wisconsin is just the first act in an unfolding tragedy in which states and municipalities across the country have promised $3.5 trillion—about a quarter of the national GDP—in pensions that they don’t have the funds for. Unfunded health retirement costs are even greater. But how did we get to this point?"

Unions get to spend taxpayer money they don't have. Corporations cannot do that. They have investors to worry about.

"And, for a while, the government does just that. Reason Foundation, my employer, found that in 2009, state and local government employees earned 44 percent more total compensation than private industry workers. What’s more, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that private workers have a 20 percent chance of losing their job in a given year compared to 6 percent for government workers."

"In many states, to be sure, public union contracts and government bonds are constitutionally protected. States can’t declare bankruptcy and restructure these obligations when they are facing fiscal insolvency."

So the people get screwed if the State has no money. The Union contract must be paid, and the only way that can happen is by raising taxes on people or their paychecks are worth pennies.

If a govt. agency goes bk, you can't sue them like you can a private company.

Our Founding Truth said...
Wisconsin ""State budget deficit swells to $2.5 billion", July 9, 2010""