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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maryland Liberals Axe Same-Sex Marriage

The Liberal dominated State of Maryland rejected same-sex marriage, with Pastors testifying the harm it would do to our nation. Christians need to get involved right now while public opinion is in their favor.
Never underestimate the power of a few committed Christians! Just a few hours ago, the Maryland same-sex "marriage" bill went from the verge of passage to crushing defeat. After a passionate debate that lasted more than two hours, the House of Delegates shocked everyone by sending the legislation back to committee--all but guaranteeing its demise. If legislators decided to revisit the issue, they would have to start the process from the very beginning with new hearings, amendments, and votes. Sen. Jamie Raskin says that it isn't likely. For all intensive purposes, the bill was killed.

In an overwhelmingly Democratic Assembly, this is victory of gigantic proportions. Once again, it signals that even the most liberal states are not on board with the agenda to redefine marriage. FRC's Peter Sprigg, who testified against the bill in both chambers, was instrumental in pointing out the harms of same-sex "marriage." As he said, the confidence of the homosexual community is clearly misplaced. The opposition to this legislation, even from one its former cosponsors, shows the groundswell of resistance that exists in Maryland and beyond. This is in no small part due to the effort of FRC allies, Bishop Harry Jackson and Derek McCoy, who took such a courageous stand. Our thanks go out to everyone in the state who worked against all odds to protect the sanctity of marriage. It does make a difference!
Christians have God, and history on our side. Libertarians that allow homosexuality are violating the Laws of Nature's God.

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