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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Christian Preferences Of The 2012 Republican Nomination

The Barna Group has completed a poll of Christian preferences for the 2012 Republican Nomination.

Concerning Catholics, it looks good for Huck, who make up a large amount of Independents. From a previous poll, Huck has already won the South; that is, all of the South, including Florida and Gingrich's home state Georgia. Christians will not vote for Gingrich. He's been married three times, had affairs on two of his wives, delivering divorce papers to his first wife at the hospital while she had cancer, having two children with his high school math teacher, whom he married at 19.

Huck should take FL, OH, NC, VA, and IN. Obama took those States because McCain would not take private money. It is probable once the budget woes get better in WI, he should win that State too.

Counting the States McCain won, he will have 270 electoral votes.

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