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Friday, September 9, 2011

Unitarian Federalist Josiah Quincy's Scathing Rebuke of Thomas Jefferson

Josiah Quincy (1772-1864), was one of the last Hi-Federalists who happened to be Unitarian. Quincy had a clear revulsion for the infidel jacobite Thomas Jefferson, and history has proved his concerns true. Not only did Jefferson accuse Federalist Republicans were Monarchists, wanting a King, etc. he wrote personal attacks in newspapers against his friend George Washington, at the same time working for him. Imagine a friend doing that:
During my preparatory studies for public life I had imbibed an impression concerning Mr. Jefferson little less than antipathetic. I found that he had no sooner entered Washington's Cabinet, as Secretary of State, than he commenced insidious attacks upon the leaders of the Federal party, — particularly upon Adams and Hamilton. To the former he well knew he had been selected as the rival for the successorship of Washington. The great and overwhelming talents of the latter he both envied and feared. He began at the same period to assail the whole Federal party, calling them ' Tories,' 'enemies of republicanism,'' British partisans,' and charged them with being actuated by a settled design to change the Federal Constitution into a monarchy. It was well known that, from the first, his language and letters contained unceasing charges of this kind against that whole party; at the same time, as said Hamilton, 'he arraigned to every man that approached him the principal measures of government with undue warmth.' Nor did he fail to insinuate against such men as Adams, Jay, Hamilton, Knox, and many others, the design of introducing changes into the government of this country, and making way for a king, lords, and commons! Calumnies false, injurious, and absurd, for there was no material out of which such a form of government could have been wrought. Yet were they the subject of his open conversation, of his private letters, and, as often as he dared, in the public prints. His assiduity in this course was apparent and undisguised, the end he had in view plain, and the object and result in his own elevation undeniable. I regarded him, in respect of Washington's administration, and indeed of the Federal party, as a snake in the grass, — the more dangerous from the oily, wily language with which he lubricated his victims and applied his venom, — the more seductive and influential from the hollow pretences of respect, and, in regard to Adams, even of affection, with which he accompanied them. "I came to Washington with an abhorrence of Jefferson's political character. I had no desire to make my course upward in political life, and holding my public station only as a means and opportunity of serving my country, with no wish or intention of continuing in it one moment longer than it was the unsolicited wish of my fellow-citizens, I had not the usual motives of public men to seethe friendship and favor of men in power. I therefore declined several invitations to dine at the White House, which, with some Congressional demonstrations of mine, made Mr. Jefferson understand that I had no wish for their renewal. The developments which subsequent years have made of his course and language at that period amply justify these feelings, if they do not my mode of expressing them. The Federal party have of late years received a full answer to the prayer of Job, ' O that mine enemy had written a book!' This Jefferson has done, and Henry G. Randall has published it. A memoir more suicidal of character was OF THE PUBCHASE OF LOUISIANA, never written, nor one which established by more unquestionable evidence every ill opinion previously entertained of its subject. It will have its effect, all the efforts of the biographer to whitewash the character of Jefferson, and to support his calumnies, to the contrary notwithstanding.
--Life of Josiah Quincy of Massachusetts, p. 87, By Edmund Quincy, 1867.


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