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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another Error by Justice Antonin Scalia

Speaking at the Duquesne Law School, Antonin Scalia has it all wrong. Scalia claims abortion is not in the Constitution--he is correct. However, abortion violates the Laws of Nature in the Declaration of Independence which is still in effect. Signer of the Declaration and Constitution, James Wilson, wrote that abortion under the Common Law is a felony and framers penalized it as such. With Wilson being the expert of the framers on the laws of nature, how could Scalia not read Wilson? Violations of fundamentals are not left to the States. Here, is Scalia:
What does it mean to be a Catholic law school? There is no such thing as Catholic law. The law is no different for a Catholic than it is for a Jew any more than it is different for a woman or a man or a white man or a black.

Thus it is that I am sometimes embarrassed when sincere opponents of abortion sometimes thank me for championing their cause. ... I do not champion their cause. The Constitution addresses the subject not at all, which means that it is left up to the states.


Jonathan Rowe said...

Let me let you in on a little secret. And let me preface this with noting I don't agree with a great deal of what Justice Scalia stands for. But the difference between you and him is that you suffer from the Dunning Kruger Effect and he does not.

Our Founding Truth said...


I think your conscience is getting the best of you, given perhaps this blog has not failed to bring to light your errors on the subject at hand. However, it is a Christian's desire much more, that your depravity will lead you to salvation through Jesus Christ.