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Monday, June 20, 2011

Wisconsin is getting it right

Like I have previously said on this blog, I believe Wisconsin will vote red in the next election for the first time in recent memory. It is conservative policies in Wisconsin winning over the populace, highlighted in a post by Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel's Patrick McIlheran:
So the state's deficit is fixed, its finances are honest for the first time in about a decade, public services are trimmed but not decimated and no taxpayers were skinned to make it happen. All in all, it's been a good week for Wisconsin, especially its hard-pressed, middle-class taxpayers..They're winning. Scott Walker, Democrats told us all last fall, was a budget-cutting, union-busting, smaller-is-better (eww!) conservative. Voters responded by electing him - and, to boot, not merely Republican but conservative Republican majorities in the Legislature..When Walker broke the usual low taxes vs. good services impasse by cutting the price we pay for public-sector labor, unions turned the Supreme Court race into a de facto referendum. They spent every milliwatt of power they had - and lost. We'll see if they do better in upcoming recalls (my bet is they don't take the state Senate), but on a clean pair of votes about the state's direction, voters picked conservatism.
Liberals tried to use the courts to stifle democracy--as they usually do--violating the will of the framers, but it didn't work. The State Supreme Court ruled against them. Furthermore, mainstream citizens take note of intolerant leftists immersed in the Democrat Party:
True to this, they've not just protested Walker's reforms. They've occupied the Capitol, they've shouted "fascist" from the gallery, they've shut down public schools to protest, they've harassed Walker's kids, they've f-bombed a 14-year-old girl giving a speech. Not all progressives do this, nor even most. Many creditably deplore it. But such excess is not the antonym of their favorite metaphor for politics but its overextension..So conservatism is in a good position in Wisconsin. It's been solidified by a growing infrastructure, from an unusually vibrant talk radio scene to a plethora of free-market think tanks and watchdogs. It's grounded mainly in the reality that, while progressives historically have seen the state as their natural property, conservatism's offer of restrained, sustainably priced government is now more in tune with much of the state's middle.
With Iowa in the same boat as Wisconsin, could Minnesota be next?


windows support number said...

liberals are like extremists! they only want there ways and that is it, im sick of them and will never support them. our constitution is going down the drain

Anonymous said...

Dear OurFounderingTruth,

You are still a moron. I see you've retreated from real debate into this crap hole you call a blog.

James Veverka said...

You trying to be funny? Wisconsin is in the midst of kicking teabaggers out of office. Liberty hating teabaggers are toast in 2012

Our Founding Truth said...


I am not a republican, but they fared ok on tuesday.