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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Left Wing Bias From Media

Yahoo writes, "Poll finds Obama and Romney in a dead heat amid voter anxiety over the economy." This left leaning organization writes it's a dead heat with all Americans. This is mis-leading as all Americans do not vote--only registered Americans vote. And Romney is ahead of Obama in the poll that matters--registered voters. How all americans would vote is meaningless to the election.

The liberal bias is infested in Hollywood and on regular television, such as the show Jeopardy. Last night one of the categories was cities of Jesus. One of the answers was the "trick Jesus performed at Cana." Not miracle, as the Bible states, but trick. Another answer was "where Jesus cursed a tree." Trying to make Jesus look bad by cursing a tree, rather than understand the Spiritual analogy He was making, and the fact planters uproot trees that do not bear fruit in season.

Yesterday on Yahoo there was a post titled "GOP Healthcare plan will hurt Seniors" Could you see Yahoo writing "Democrat healthcare plan will hurt seniors"? Or what about every night the evening news hammered George Bush about the war? Now, you never hear about it. And Obama's attacks on civilians with drones, yet the big three never talk about it.

It's deceptive advertising the media uses to promote the liberal agenda. The media promotes this agenda everyday on the evening news. Last night it was "Weinergate" but they made sure Republican indiscretions were emphasized before getting into the scandal.

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