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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Another powerful evangelical, Samuel Cooper

Cooper was hated so much by the British, they put a warrant out for his arrest. Like his father before him, Cooper was a Calvinist, only not a rigid one. Had I been there I would have reminded Cooper, John Hancock and Samuel Adams that the bible is the most rigid book or books there is. Moreover, Cooper used theological words only Calvinists or partial Calvinists used:

"Our divine Redeemer has taught us to regard the rule of duty, rather than the acceptance of our services..Cyrus the Persian was no more a true believer in the true Jehovah than Naaman the Syrian: yet he was an elect servant of God..and fulfilled the divine predictions and decrees."

--A sermon preached to the Ancient and Honourable Artillery Company: in Boston, New-England, June 3. 1751. 

It's interesting Cooper quotes Isaiah 45, where he calls Israel "mine elect." So Cooper understood how God chooses people to be saved before they are born. More proof Cooper believed in predestination. His entire sermon revolves around predestination.

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