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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chuck Baldwin on World Net Daily

Chuck Baldwin gives his two cents on the most important founding fathers last month on World Net Daily. He has Washington first--maybe so. But the rest he mentions, his pro-southern slavery agenda shines through. Anyone who puts a racist like Thomas Jefferson 2nd on the list, and thinks slavery wasn't the reason for the Civil War, is clueless!

Baldwin's words give clear indication to his ignorance of our founding. Patrick Henry is 3rd, but had nothing to do with the DOI or drafting the Constitution, or establishing the Federal Governmen. Samuel Adams is 4th, and James Madison is 5th. He makes the usual secularist errors with Madison, claiming he was the principal author of the Bill of Rights, and "Father" of the Constitution. Both are not true. James Wilson believed Charles Pinckney is the true Father of the Constitution.

Baldwin makes the bold claim, "George Washington considered Madison to be the preeminent authority on the US Constitution in the entire country" and "Without James Madison, there would be no America." Both of these statements are without sources.

The bottom line is even Christians make mistakes on our founding.

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