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Friday, February 10, 2012

More Evidence the Founding Fathers Were Evangelicals

I found this information on John .Eidsmore's blog. Not only were the framers Evangelicals, "The Continental Congress adopted as the official song of the American Revolution, not “Yankee Doodle,” but “Chester.” Here are the words:
Let tyrants shake their iron rods. And slavery clank her galling chains. We fear them not, We trust in God. New England's God forever reigns.

The foe comes on with haughty stride, our troops advance with martial noise, Their veterans flee before our youth, and generals yield to beardless boys.

What grateful offerings shall we bring, what shall we render to the Lord,
Loud Hallelujahs let us sing, and praise His name on every chord.
"Chester" was the anthem for the Continental Army. Being head of the Army, did George Washington have a hand in this?


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