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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quote from Founding Father James Wilson

While we perform our duty, and promote our happiness in this world; shall [w]e bestow no regards upon the next? Does no connexion subsist between the two? From this connexion flows the most important of all the blessings of good government. --- But here let us pause --- unassisted reason can guide us no farther, she directs us to that HEAVEN- DESCENDED SCIENCE, by which LIFE and IMMORTALITY have been brought to light. May we not now say, that we have reason for our joy? But while we cherish the delightful emotion, let us remember those things, which are requisite to give it permanence and stability...With heart felt contentment, INDUSTRY beholds his honest labors flourishing and secure. PEACE walks serene and unalarmed over all the unmolested regions; while LIBERTY, VIRTUE and RELIGION go hand in hand harmoniously, protecting, enlivening and exalting all! HAPPY COUNTRY! MAY THY HAPPINESS BE PERPETUAL!
  --James Wilson, Oration delivered on the Fourth of July, 1788, at the procession formed at Philadelphia to celebrate the adoption of the Constitution of the United States

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Our Founding Truth said...

In other words, freedom, morality and Christianity go hand in hand. None exist without the other. The gospel brings freedom