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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Founding Father John Quincy Adams Cont.

Continuing on the topic of John Q. Adams' faith. Paul C. Nagel's book is a good read into Adams' personal views. His faith in the Atonement, the most important in salvation, was not unlike his views on the Tri-Unity of God. He could not understand, which he should have, that blood, which comprises the life of all flesh, makes atonement for sin. The concept being "Dark and Dubious" not giving his opinion, when pressed that he needed to believe it for salvation.

However, later in life Adams used the word "Redeemer" more often, to which designates a "buying back." No where in the Scriptures is death the buy-back for sin. That blood is what redeems man from sin is too obvious to defend. It's redeeming quality is interspersed in the Scriptures, every Protestant council or Synod, and The Book of Common Prayer that every Anglican, or Catholic, including Republican Whigs, understood.

His thoughts on nullification are interesting in light of current political events.

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