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Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Deceit From Chris Rodda and Dispatches From The Culture Wars

Chris Rodda is at it again! She re-hashes the same "lies" about David Barton, oblivious to the fact, she is guilty of spreading the same junk. Here is a post she did June 7, 2010.  In this diatribe on Barton and the Christian Nationalists, she misses the trees for the forest. As I will show, Congress supported "a neat Edition of the Holy Scriptures for the use of schools."

On January 21, 1781, Robert Aitken presented a "memorial" [petition] to Congress offering to print "a neat Edition of the Holy Scriptures for the use of schools."

Here is what Rodda writes:
There are many versions of this story floating around, all worded to mislead that Congress either requested the printing of the Bibles, granted Aitken permission to print them, contracted him to print them, paid for the printing, or had Bibles printed for the use of schools. Congress did none of these things. All they did was grant one of several requests made by Aitken by having their chaplains examine his work, and allowing him to publish their resolution stating that, based on the chaplains' report, they were satisfied that his edition was accurate.
On the contrary, Congress recommended Aitken's Bible to ALL the people, thus, the Congress is not promoting any religion, but specifically Christianity, as well as indirectly promoting the Bible's use in schools.

Here, is what the Congress wrote:

Honble James Duane, Esq. Chairman, and the other Honble Gentlemen of the Committee of Congress on
Mr. Aitken's Memorial."



THAT the United States in Congress assembled highly approve the pious and laudable undertaking of Mr. Aitken, as subservient to the interest of religion, as well as an instance of the progress of arts in this country, and being satisfied from the above report of his care and accuracy in the execution of the work, they recommend this edition of the Bible to the inhabitants of the United States, and hereby authorize him to publish this Recommendation in the manner he shall think proper. [italics mine]


Yet, Evangelical Christians buy-in to Rodda's revisionism. Could you imagine today's Congress forming a committee to check spelling for a Bible translation? That is what Bible Societies do! Remember, unless specifically enumerated, religion always refers to Christianity. Was Congress referring to Buddhism to Christians?

Also, besides at home, "progression of the arts" was done at Schools. Reading, writing, literature, architecture, painting, music, etc. Bible reading was not taken out of schools until 1963. Can the Congress not approve the Bible for schools, when the Arts are practiced at schools? Maybe someone could give their idea of "progress of arts?"


Jonathan Rowe said...

You are just upset because you know that Chris Rodda is better than David Barton.

She OWNS him.

Our Founding Truth said...

Did you read my post on Glenn Beck?

Our Founding Truth said...

I claim Barton and Rodda make errors the same as myself. What is progress of the Arts? Honestly, I don't see anything there for Rodda to claim victory for.

She may be correct about TJ's signing of documents, but not the subject I referred to.

Our Founding Truth said...

As I peruse the Congresses words, my position is strengthened; they say "progress of arts IN THIS COUNTRY." In the country would definitely include schools.

Jonathan Rowe said...

Yes, I read your post. Your blog, by the way, is a textbook case FOR Roman Catholicism's argument for top down authoritative bible-Christian teachings. This site contains so many errors in fact, logic, and typos that it illustrates the danger in letting the Bible (if it really is the Word of God) in the hands of ordinary folks, prone to err in ways they don't even understand.

Appeal to authority is a logical fallacy ONLY when you understand facts/logic in a sense that permits you to criticize those in authority. The problem with you is that you don't! You are a walking version of the Dunning Kruger effect.

Our Founding Truth said...

By all means, name one error in logic, or fact?

Jonathan Rowe said...

The problem is we name ONE error in fact or logic and chances are you reply with TWO more. You ONLY concede when we make it black or white enough. But you put the two together and it makes dealing with you a rabbit hole (or black hole). The reason why, after initially dealing with you, you get banned or that folks DON'T reply to you is they realize you are a tar baby.

Don't you realize this and understand this is the way EVERYONE (atheist, Christian, Mormon, Jew, liberal, conservative, etc.) sees you?

Our Founding Truth said...


You continue to present fallacies against me; getting banned by hateful people, such as James Hanley and Dispatches, etc. I am way over that. I pray you do not turn into one of them.

And you haven't refuted what I wrote about Rodda's post.

Merry Christmas

Jonathan Rowe said...

Okay fine but you have to realize that when you follow me around and mirror my posts I am, every once in a while, going to have to rant against you.

Jonathan Rowe said...

Happy Festivus and Merry Unitarian Christmas.

Our Founding Truth said...

Reflecting on this blog, I take back what I wrote referring to Chris Rodda's aforementioned post.

The exact words "a neat Edition of the Holy Scriptures for the use of schools." was not written by Congress.

Barton's petition is difficult to support, as the words are not there.

Rodda would have a stronger leg to stand on if the bible had not already been used in schools.

I think there are many aspects of religion and the founding that are not black and white; Romans 13 for one.