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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

News Real Blog Has It Correct About "Psycho Talk" Commentator Ed Shultz

Here is Ed Shultz:
[M]ost of these Founding Fathers that you think so highly of were actually slave owners themselves, and the ones that didn’t own slaves weren’t exactly abolitionists…[C]omparing progressives to slave owners while idolizing actual slave owners — that’s “Psycho Talk.
He attacked Samuel Adams, and also derided the Framers for the 3/5 provision in the Declaration of Independence, revealing his familiarity with the Federalist Papers. As author Ben Johnson notes:
There are three problems for Big Ed: He’s wrong about Sam Adams; he’s wrong about the Founding Fathers; and he’s wrong about the three-fifths compromise.


mroberts said...

Ed Schultz is an idiot. If he had half a brain abd did a little research, he would see that the 3/5 provision in the Constitution was about pregventing southern states from gaining extra power by counting their slaves. It had nothing to do with thinking blacks were less than fully human, it was designed to prevent slave states from getting extra clout in congress.

Our Founding Truth said...

That is why I noted his familiarity with the Federalist Papers.

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