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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Barack Obama: The Great Deceiver

What is more disgraceful than Barack Obama's false claim to be a Christian, is the Church's ignorance in believing him. The apostasy of the Church is no mystery, the Bible speaks of its apostasy in the last days. The Church did elect Obama, just as it did George Bush eight and four years earlier. Obama, along with Bush, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams are not Christians because they deny the only fundamental that matters; inerrancy. If inerrancy isn't true, whose to say anything in the Bible is true? If Christianity is compromised, God is mocked, attacking God's sovereignty to preserve His Words.

John Eidsmoe has written a good post showing how dangerous this deceiver is. Obama, and his anti-christian cronies are clueless about foreign policy, by reason of the people he appoints. Let's pray he listens to some experienced diplomats, however, I doubt he will. He is already in favor of a Palestinian State, which threatens Israel's existence, and is without any historical, geographical, or cultural right to form.

Among Obama's evil policies is the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) that would eliminate federal and state restrictions on abortion, thereby fostering the increased murder of innocent unborn babies. He wants to openly allow homosexuals to serve in the military thereby condoning immorality and weakening military discipline. Obama also wants to provide millions of dollars in funding to elementary school sex education programs without teaching abstinence.

The greatest guilt does not apply to immature black christians, and their leaders, although they are guilty along with everyone else who voted for him, to be held responsible for the cries of every baby murdered. Let us not forget how many babies were murdered under George Bush, when he had the power to elimate abortion in the United States. The Church is the main culpret for allowing Obama's election. As James 2:9 says, "Not doing the right thing is sin." According to the Bible, this sin is murder. Proverbs 17:15 "He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD.

Showing ignorance by supporting an abomination is no excuse to God. Sin is sin no matter how it's couched, and must be, and was, dealt with by the Blood of Jesus Christ. I can confidently say Barack Obama denies most of the fundamentals of the Christian faith, yet masquerades as a Christian. It is better not to vote than to vote for wickedness.


mroberts said...

I am so with you on this. It is so disturbing to me that Christians voted for this guy. He is so far left even people in his own party are starting to get freaked out by him.

Our Founding Truth said...

What's interesting is if and when the PLO get their own state, what Israel will do. I can't see them allowing it, especially now that "Bibi" has control of the government.

He already said he is going to destroy Hamas, and Hamas runs the PLO. Can you believe it, Obama, as well as Bush, is for a Palestinian State? Incredible! They will have a sovereign state backing their attacks against Israel, sort of like a daily undeclared war against another sovereign state, and the UN with their head in the sand.

Like I said, it's more so the Church I blame than Obama or liberals.

mroberts said...

The thing about the Palestinian state idea is that it is so naive. The Arabs have said time and again that they want Israel DESTROYED. Creating a separate Palestinian state will only give them more territory to set up as a base of operations from which to launch more attacks against Israel.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I've never read something so naive and close-minded. God himself isn't inerrant - he regretted making man. So what makes you think the Bible is? And how to determine what's true in the Bible - use your brain, as the Bible says.

Our Founding Truth said...

God himself isn't inerrant>

Yes, God says He is perfect.

he regretted making man>

God regretted it at that time. God loves his creation, and sent His Son to die on the cross for the sins of the world, so we could be with God when we die. Man choose to rebel against Him, that is our fault, not His.

And how to determine what's true in the Bible - use your brain, as the Bible says.>

The bible is backed up by history, archeology, geography, etc.

Specifically, what in my post did you not agree with?

Anonymous said...

'The greatest guilt does not apply to immature black christians, and their leaders, although they are guilty along with everyone else who voted for him, to be held responsible for the cries of every baby murdered....

Your a jackass, where the heck do you get off saying that African American leaders are immature. First off it was a white person who started this whole abortion shit and its mainly white people who continue to practice and do this to themselves. CHECK THE STATS! Your just some racist bigget that thinks by manipulating such a pure doctrine he can put down rightfully, a BLACK leader. I see you all cant stand it... My president is black.

Pinky said...

Don't worry your pretty head about it, Anonymous.

"Our Founding Turth" lives in a mythological world--his understanding of America's Founding is almost all mythic.
And, most people he exposes his nakedness to know he is full of beans. That's why he lets out so much gas.

Anonymous said...

great guys go search Obama Deception
forget about ARAB or no ARAB look out for 125 people controlling the world, open you minds if you will. who killed Jesus? and Who owns FED-RES of USA? Who are the controlling bodies in USA Government? the like of Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Ben, Mr. Henry...... read about them and make your own minds about the future of this country and the world
thank you

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Anonymous said...

what is the great deceiver was the modern day church itself?

Anonymous said...

ya know theres a differance in being a christian and beliveing in jesus.

still when america was born thy shouldnt of allowed any other religion, that why america if fallin
you take god out of it, you might as well sit down, give up.its not barracks fault ,its writtin in the word. good grief wake up we gotta take our country back. with jesus

Phil Johnson said...

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