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Friday, February 13, 2009

What is Separation of Church and State Anyway?

Many, if not all Americans continue to believe and promote the false notion of Separation of Church and State. I understand this is taught at every level in the schools, the evidence of, the very elites of government and power believe. The separation dogma is infested on the blogosphere, including this recent post by judecowell, at his blog: Jude's Threshold. I have to mention this particular post since the blogger makes an assertion but provides no evidence for its support. Here is the jist of the post:

"Otherwise religious persecution wouldn’t have been long in coming which would have negated our basic tenet of ’separation of church and state’ which the Founding Fathers embedded within our freedom documents…not the exact words, mind you, but their wishes were made clear."

With that logic, I could say Hinduism is not embedded within our freedom documents, but their wishes were clear. Where is the talk of this separation doctrine at the Constitutional Convention, in the various State Ratifying Conventions, or in any of the ratifiers' writings?

Another blog of note is Faith in Public Life. They, like most everyone else, assume separation of church and state, but provide no support for it. This author is named Kristin. She wrote a post the other day as though separation of church and state is common knowledge. The recent stimulus by our government was the pretext to refer to the separation dogma:

"This is standard practice, not some assault on Christianity. Also, it's standard practice that sensibly rooted in our Constitution, which protects against the establishment of religion (which some people seem to forget)."

Not only does Kristin fail to provide any support for separation of church and state, the stimulus does discriminate against people of faith. Proponents of the Stimulus Bill could be trying to save money, but ultimately, it still is discrimination by exempting any monies for rennovating buildings that house religious worship. Christians are no doubt the target. On the same page as Kristin's article, former Vice President Al Gore supports separation of church and state in the schools. Contrary to Al Gore, the government, and media, the Founding Fathers mandated teaching the Bible in all schools, as well as spent tax dollars to promote Christianity to the Indians, et al. It is only recently that uninformed politicians have perverted the will of the Founding Fathers.

Inspired, at Journey of Cross and Quill posts the Father of American Medicine's: Essays, Literary, Moral and Philosophical by Benjamin Rush, a notable Founding Father. Will one day the American people be educated on the real definition of Separation of Church and State?


jude cowell said...

Quite a post and you express yourself with much vigor and determination.

And yes, you're right that we Americans are endoctrinated at early ages into many beliefs about our nation and its intentions.

Abe Lincoln was viewed by many people of the time as a tyrant and his modern-day myth is a conscious effort on the part of our government to exalt themselves and who-knows-what-else.

Words and terms of the past often morph in meaning through the years which is seldom taken into consideration by most people when they use them now...'silver Democrats vs 'gold Republicans' comes to mind - know anyone but yourself who understands the importance of the distinction between them circa 19th century?

Perhaps my dissents at Stars Over Washington would tally more closely with your strongly held opinions!

The post from the blog you cite here is more of a blend of Art with Astrology and Politics (bedfellows who toss and turn a little too much for comfort, yet my interests all the same.)

I do, however, wish to say that many of our founders were Freemasons or even Rosicrucians, and our freedom docs reflect this along with the Great Seal of the US. The 'all-seeing eye' has been used for centuries, for example, by various organizations.

And there are examples of astrological motifs all around DC's public buildings along with a large Masonic Temple, as you perhaps know. Most writers do discount their influence in our nation's founding, but they leave out a major part of the picture, imho.

Two of my sources are:

'Founding Fathers, Secret Societies' by Robert Hieronimus, and 'The Secret History of the West' by Nicholas Hagger which covers the Renaissance to the 20th century.

Well, thanks for the heads-up on this - I really do appreciate it - as well as the opportunity to learn more about the country I love!

And unless you object I will be adding your link to Stars Over Washington asap, jude

Our Founding Truth said...

Thanks for the commment Jude!

My apparent vigor and determination with Lincoln coincides with the recent election and Lincoln's birthday, however, if you browse my blog, you will see the myth of the separation doctrine right before your eyes.

Stick around here for a while, we may learn from each other. Incidentally, the man who designed our Great Seal was Charles Thomson; a Christian, who wasn't afraid of proclaiming Jesus Christ.

In light of Thomson's faith, the half finished pyramid and seeing eye must refer to God's Providence, but I concur with you that a few mason's were on one or all of those committee's on the seal.

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